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Hire an Interior Designer

A living space that stands out from the rest and showcases your taste in the best possible manner is well worth the investment. In addition to looking good and elevating your mood to a new level, a tastefully designed interior will leave a lasting impression on visitors and also demonstrate your personal likes and dislikes. A wide range of interior design options, ranging from rustic throwbacks to the good old days, to modern, minimalist designs can be chosen from to give your home or apartment a personal finishing touch.

Why Hire an Interior Designer?

We sat down with our leading interior design specialists to discuss why someone would want to hire an interior designer and/or decorator. Here are a few reasons you should consider hiring a professional designer:

  1. Financial Advantage:
    Let’s face it, when it comes down to finances, everyone wants to be frugal and better manage their money. While it may seem otherwise, hiring a professional designer can actually help you save money. Here’s how:
    – Designers have an extensive background in working with all kinds of spaces and materials, and may be able to make recommendations that you have not considered before;
    – You will be less likely to end up using the wrong materials or fixtures;
    – You may be able to get a volume discount through the designer’s supplier

  2. Budgeting:
    Maybe that new set of vanity mirrors can wait and you should get that living room remodeled instead. A professional designer will know how much to spend on what, and exactly what sort of furnishings will go well with the rest of your home.

  3. Sticking to the Plan:
    This goes without saying, but it’s in a designers job description to give you exactly what you are looking for. They won’t get distracted by pretty colored tiles or living room fountains that you can do just fine without.

  4. Working with Builders:
    Whether you are moving in to a new home or remodeling your old one, an interior designer will be able to work with builders and contractors to properly address any design flaws and suggest appropriate changes that will brighten up the space.

  5. It’s All About the Resources:
    Professional interior designers have access to various resources – like material catalogues, designs and patterns, and inside information on the hottest deals – that can be used to your advantage.

  6. A Full Support Team:
    Designers regularly work with painters, installers, electricians, and contractors; ensuring your project is completely taken care of.

  7. The Wow Factor:
    How do homes and hotels in movies and TV leave you astounded? That’s right, your designer will add the same thinking to your home!

  8. Functional, Personalized Layout:
    Professional designers plan out how to utilize the space in your home, while taking care of your personal preferences. The spacing and placement of all the elements should work together for a proper finish.

  9. Mixing and Matching:
    Your designer will be able to mix and match materials, furniture styles, and colors for a setting that goes well together.

  10. Resale:
    A professionally done interior will greatly boost your home’s value, and positively affect showings, appeal, and sale.

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