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10 Rules
for Your
Painting Project

Colors make life beautiful and make our homes look amazing. It’s the color selections, combinations and contrasts which bring our walls, interiors and exteriors to life. So when it comes to painting colors in our homes, then we have every reason to be very sure of our selection. If you are planning for a painting job shortly in your home then you need to follow these 10 rules to have an optimum effect:

  1. Make a Mental Map. 
    Like everything else in your life, plan before you execute the paint job. You should be clear about the color scheme and its desired effect in any settings in your house. Only after you are sure about your choices in colors, patterns and combinations that you move onto buying paints etc.

  2. She Loves me ….. She loves me not.
    Make a list of what you like about certain colors and their combinations with the reasons for liking each one of them. Likewise, list down reasons for not liking certain color/colors and patterns associated with them. Going through the reasons for liking or disliking certain colors will help you in deciding what you should opt for.

  3. Size does matter.
    Only buy the paint after you have calculated the volume of paint requirement by measuring the surface area of the project. This would save you from buying too little or going over the board.

  4. It’s all about your feeling.
    Colors are a matter of choice and feeling. When it’s about painting your home, go by the feeling (after all, its you who have to live in your dwelling. If you like a color, go for it.

  5. It’s smart to go for a test before you apply.
    It’s a smart approach to test the color of the paint by applying a sample to see its effect before going for a bulk buy. Paints and hardware stores offer samples for this purpose.

  6. Prep your walls.
    The painting job is carried out on a surface. It would be just as good as the surface itself. Prepare the wall thoroughly for the painting job by filling in holes, leveling uneven surfaces etc. Never be in a hurry and let the filler dry out and wash the wall before the paint job.

  7. Primer is a must.
    Primer is absolutely essential when painting a light color over a darker wall. This stands true for fresh walls as they are initially absorbent. The primer acts as a cushion between the raw material and finishing paint. It would save your top coats as well.

  8. Right paint base makes major difference. 
    Paint bases come in different compositions and formulas for different applications. Choose the particular paint base which is meant for a particular environment like kitchen or washroom.

  9. Quality is key.
    Quality in a paint job would come with the use of quality tools, materials and paint products. A compromise on quality would never give you an optimum result. If you seek good results, spend a little more.

  10. Ask for an expert’s advice when in doubt.
    You don’t get to paint houses every day and it is very possible that it may be your first chance. Do not trust your instincts too much and ask for an expert advice when you don’t find in a position to make a definite decision.

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